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Raising the number of file descriptors for a regular user on CentOS/Fedora/Redhat is surprisingly difficult to learn how to do. There are lots of incomplete walk throughs on the web, some with typos and other problems.

Here are the steps that worked for me to raise the open file descriptor limit…

Simple setup to work with Couchbase in PHP-Laravel

QuestionHey, I recently stumbled upon the couchbase-model gem .. it seems really neat, but its set up to depend on the C extension (doesn't really work on jruby) .. Is the jcouchbase gem api compatible with the ruby native extension one? Answer

wow, sorry, haven’t looked at my tumblr in a while! the jruby jcouchbase is just a very light wrapper around the java libs, so the method calls won’t be compatible with the couchbase-ruby-model gem’s calls. Maybe it can be tweaked tho…

Setting up PHP and Couchbase on a Mac couldn’t be any easier…

They play together so nice. Let’s get some forks.

Waterfall Methodologies seem antiquated nowadays, with SCRUM, Crystal, eXtreme, Kanban and others, all these new paradigms for building applications iteratively and quickly have really become commonplace. I feel NoSQL with Couchbase is the next evolution of that movement, allowing you to develop the data model just as smoothly and iteratively, and a lot more quickly.

"At first, I was quite skeptical on the power of NoSQL databases, but I soon changed my mind."

Couchbase pattern to automatically versioning to a particular key!

def replace_document ( key, value, args = {} )

   if args.has_key_and_value?(:auto_version)

     version_tracker_key = key + "::version"
     initialize_document ( version_tracker_key, 1 )
     current_version = increment_atomic_count(version_tracker_key)

     # if the value is a Map then add the version to the doc
     if value.is_a? Map
          value[:auto_version] = current_version

     # if there are previous versions, save current existing doc as a version, and straight key will be current                               version
     if current_version > 1
          doc = get_document(key)
          doc[:version_stamp] =
          doc[:auto_version] = current_version - 1
          add_document(key + "::version::#{current_version - 1}", doc)

   COUCHBASE.replace(key, value)


A primary design pattern used in @Couchbase all the time, use an atomic counter as part of a key, much like an incremental-index column in SQL.

@Clojurewerkz has put out Couchbase support for the Spyglass memcached sdk in the 1.10-SNAPSHOT.

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